Kanayama Consulting

Transforming organizational life through trust

Kori Kanayama facilitates peer-learning Roundtables, using her unique expertise in enabling organizational and professional growth through collaborative learning engagement. Nonprofit capacity building best practices indicate facilitated peer learning intentionally planned for actions on real issues and authentic relationship building delivers unique capacity building benefits.

In 2015-16, Kori designed, recruited for and facilitated the Executive Director/CEOs' Roundtable of Inland Southern California, a peer-based leadership development group that met monthly for 12 months. The group members, recruited through individual outreach to help the group develop free of competition, committed to having deep-dive facilitated dialogue and discussion on pressing issues that kept them up at night. The members grew their own resiliency in safety by building a high level of trust to support and learn from each other in a confidential environment. Offered for the first time in Inland Southern California, the Roundtable provided members a regular time and place to break the isolation of their position to join their improvement-oriented peers in mutual accountability. Kori ran the Roundtable independently to cater exclusively to the growth needs of nonprofit executives. The Roundtable membership consisted of five chief executives of San Bernardino and Riverside County nonprofits, ranging in annual budgets from $500,000 to $12 Million.


"I really value the relationship building and learning from each other. Being a part of this group helps me take an aerial view, and consider implementing new ideas." Kyra Stewart, Redlands Family Service

"This is a great place to work out issues, which we can't do in our organizations. We get advice on how to do things better, and talk about culture change. I wanted something like this for a long time." Darryl Evey, Family Assistance Program

"The cohort works with mutual accountability. We have a good mix of people who trust each other. It's really good to talk about our boards and staff, which affect us all." Darwin Barnett, YMCA of the East Valley

"Other EDs make great advisors because they know the issues, and we're all good at different things. It's amazing how helpful hearing others' issues is." Kristi Camplin, Inspire Life Skills Training

Kori is excited about recruiting a new group of nonprofit chief executives to launch "ED Roundtable 2.0" in Southern California! ED/CEOs interested in participating in future cohorts should contact Kori for consideration. For more details, click here.