Kanayama Consulting

Transforming organizational life through trust

You believe in a mission that calls you and your organization to purpose. You want to change your community, change the world, do things of consequence! You have an effective program. You have capable people you trust. You’re good at gaining resources.

When the rubber hits the road, however, nothing comes easy. Most of the challenges you face are complex, eluding the simple cause and effect model. You decided on a plan, but implementing it is like herding cats. Problems may remain unsolved even when you’re convinced you’re doing everything right. Silos and separations within the organization get in the way. Funders want you to use analytical tools and solutions, but they by themselves do not help foster positive organizational culture or motivate. You’re never quite sure if you need to manage the board or the board is managing you. You know you need to have the right people on the bus, but how can you possibly show outcomes and avoid burnout with the relentless drive to keep going?

What is the foundation you seek to ensure that your organization, your team, and you yourself will  continuously do meaningful work?